This interesting solution of container home can be found in Pont Péant in Bretagne.  This home is made up of four forty-foot containers.

The containers are fully wrapped of what seems like metal panels making it visually clean and simple.

This structurally daring home by CG Architects also incorporates green roof for its two lower roofs.

Found via reflexdéco.


3 thoughts on “CROSSBOX

  1. hi im very interested in container homes, i have a house and land in thailand.
    im looking to stamp my mark.
    any info / help gratefully recieved.
    thanx brad.

  2. LS,

    We are interested in developing a Apartment complex in Sriracha Chonburi of about 40 to 60 units constructed from 2 shipping containers each and would like to discuss preparation of a feasibility study.

    It would include obtaining budget information regarding Solar Power as Small Power Producer to EGAT.

    Please contact me
    Best regards Niek

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