Progress – r4 construction update


An update of the construction of a residential project near Khao Yai National Park.

The exterior cladding is up.  It is a part of our 5-layer exterior wall system which is made up of a layer earth coated wall board, an air gap, a brick layer, an air gap again and another layer of brick wall.

The interior is designed to have a chimney effect for air circulation.  Hot-air rises through the stair well and escape out on the third floor while cool air enters at the lower levels passes the living areas and the bedrooms.


3 thoughts on “Progress – r4 construction update

  1. I like this project;beautiful modern AND sustainable architecture? What abbot the building cost (per sqm)?

    1. Dear Jürg:

      The home consists of about 512 sq.m. of built area. It is being built at approximately 6,800 baht per sq.m. for structure only. The home owner selects to purchase the finishes by herself. I estimate that the finishes is about another 5,000 baht per sq.m. This includes reclaimed hardwood lumber for flooring, solid bamboo flooring, handmade tiles and local stone.

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