The First R-2×20 is for sale!


Khun Bumrung – the owner of the first R-2 x 20 has told us that he wants to sale his home.  He is asking for 350,000.00 baht for the home.  It will take about another 100,000 baht to move and refinished the home to somewhere within the Bangkok metro area.

Thailand only please.  You can contact through our email.


3 thoughts on “The First R-2×20 is for sale!

  1. Dear Khun Bumrung,
    I am a falang but I would like to buy something like this R-2×20 for my partner, who is a Thai national to be sited within the outskirts of the Bangkok area.Her name is Fontip Kongmee and she, of course speaks Thai.It will take me at least a month to arrange the finance but I was hoping for a slightly lower price as sterling is very weak at the moment.
    I am a little worried by the temperature problem and the costs of airconditioning with a container. Also the size seems very small.But could we talk?
    Please contact me if you are interested in selling. If the sale went ahead my partner in Thailand would own it, and not me. She would do all the negotiations as well.

  2. I will be interested to have something like that to be shipped overseas in the pacific like french polynesia what would be the cost in euros.
    Thanks josie

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