Eco + Techno

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After the success of the Eco Living 101 Model Home in 2008, Amarin Printing the publisher of Baan Lae Suan Magazine asked us to design another model home from their Baan Lae Suan Fair 2009.

This year, we wanted to feature several alternative construction methods, so we brought together the two different extremes.  The house had been designed using a combination of earth construction and prefabricated construction system.

Earth construction is one of the oldest construction method there is.  It is something that any one can built with a couple of friends.  We wanted to show that earth home is a comfortable, eco-friendly and low-cost alternative.

Prefabricated home on the other hand is something that is factory-made.  It bridges construction and manufacturing, so one can have a bespoke home Taylor-Made just for him at a lower cost, more eco-friendly, at higher quality, in a shorter time.

The interior has been designed using ‘do-it-yourself’ furniture.  Good-looking furniture should be comfortable and does not have to be expensive.

The home owners are a family of four plus a grandfather which reflects a normal family set-up for Thai society.  The father is a 36 year old Japanese photographer.  The mother is a 32 year old Thai children art teacher.  There are two children, one girl age 9 and a boy age 5.  The grandfather – a former banker came to live with his daughter family after his wife passed away. So this home captures the creativity of this family.

The use of colors are very strong though out the home.

The threads of the stairs are made out of brick laid on recycled steel.

The garden features all edible plants.  At the time when we are facing food crisis, why are we still planting sometime just to look at. Can garden has more than one purposes? Can edible garden be as good looking?

We hope that this show will inspire the Thais too think a little more when they are thinking of building their homes.

We would like to thanks Amarin Printing and Publishing for the photographs.


9 thoughts on “Eco + Techno

    1. I have been doing some reeasrch on “Green Housing”. I’m in AZ and was wondering where I need to start my “Green Home”. This will be my first house and I just need some guidence as how to get the people together to make this happen. I love the idea of having a “container” home and being my first home, (w/this economy) this would seem to be the best way to get the most “house” for my money. Anyway…if anyone has web sites for anyone who offeres to build these houses near AZ, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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