Bangkok Green Home


An aspiring young politician approached us in our “Eco Living 101” model home asking us to design a home for him and his extended family.  At that time, he had been converting his home to utilized several the sustainable systems such as grey water to water his garden.  However the home was becoming too small for him and his family.

After a little more than year of working together with us, we will be starting the construction of his new home shortly.

The home is designed for four families to be living together.  With a rather complex programmatic requirements, some of the spaces are designed to be shared by all families, some by only two families while still maintaining privacy for all individual.

The home is designed for tropical climate.  There is cross ventilation for all rooms.  Vertical ventilation has also been design for all major living areas. The exterior walls are insulated with recycle insulation material.  On the south and west facing wall, there is an additional layer of climbing plant to block the sun from reaching the wall surface.

There are also self composting septic system.  Sink water will be use to flushing toilet.  And shower and laundry water (with bio-degradable soap of course) will be used to water the edible garden.

The home will be constructed of 12 re-appropriated high-cube containers and 6 prefabricated modules.  An additional container will be converted into a natural swimming pool on the roof with roof garden to prevent the heat transmission from the sun.


One thought on “Bangkok Green Home

  1. Great project… I’d like to see the floor plans. In my country the concept of sharing spaces is not very popular and this project could make change minds

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