MDL 5.5X6


Site-Specific and Bluebrown has joined forces and launched Prefab Company Limited.  The focus of this newly founded company is to further research and develop technology for prefabricated construction system in Thailand.


We have recently introduced the first product of our up coming product line.  It is a small 34 square meter home with one bedroom, one bathroom, one living room and an outdoor patio with small kitchenette.  The price of the home starts at 600,000.00 Thai Baht.


The home was designed around the concept of shipping container but with improved dimensions allowing higher ceiling height and wider width. 

The structures are made from re-approprited or recycled steel elements where possible.  The exterior finish is made from a wood product that has been engineered from saw dust and recycled milk bottles.






The home is available initially for Thai market with several roof options.




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  1. Jürg Hölzle

    Great design! Perhaps I would like to have a bigger roof for better shading.

    But this type a small home is that what I am looking for a small vacation home in Isaan…

  2. when will it become international? love the house

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  4. I love it, amazing!
    Would it be available in India? I can help market it if you want.

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  6. Will this be available in the U.S.?

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  8. Sydnor

    I second the question about U.S. Availability. Way better than, say, a mobile home.

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  10. kri

    love it! would you be willing to deliver to other asian countries?

  11. Estate

    This proves a really promising opportunity for the thriving entities in the real estate industry. Nothing guarantees sustainability in our real estate set-up these days like going eco-friendly. Which is what this Thai idea is all about. When this reaches mainstream real estate American market, big things will change.

    Elizabeth Sorgen, B.A.
    Owner / Broker-Realtor®
    Residential, Commercial, Investments

  12. I am curious as to whether it is possible to buy an MDL home in Thailand and have it shipped to America? Truth be told, it is absolutely insane the prices that are charged in the US. The financial and real estate collapse has evaporated the notion “fantasy” of buying in the hundreds or even tens of thousands of dollars for a home. What this offers may be the way.

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  14. Jürg Hölzle

    When will the MDL home be available on the market? Do you plan to offer also other floor plans and dimensions in the future?

    I can imagine to use the MDL as a modular approach for my next home in Thailand; starting small and adding additional modules when needed.

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  21. ana

    hello, i live in Spain i would like to know the prices of theses houses, i am interested in a small hpuse for a little property that I have in the country here in Spain.

  22. cuauhtemoc

    What material is made?

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