Site-Specific 2X20-02

This small container home was built by our collaborator – BlueBrown recently.  It is a small home with one bedroom, one bathroom and a living area for a young family in Thailand.

Site-Specific 2X20-04

It was designed using two twenty-foot containers and a prefabricated bathroom unit, as an exercise in the making of a good, affordable housing for Thais which our government cannot seems to manage.

Site-Specific 2X20-03

This home is on the outskirt of Bangkok where temperature is always high.  The house is insulated with recycled insulation material with a layer of roof above the containers to prevent the heat transmission into habitable areas.

Site-Specific 2X20-01

Thank you BlueBrown for the photos.


35 thoughts on “R-2×20

  1. There are over 300,000 shipping containers alone in the U.S., this is a positive
    example of what, and how we as a country could help low income, and homeless
    people with a resource that is cheap and plentyfull. I’m carpenter, this could
    be constructed employing a critical path load factor, ( bolted down to a foundation) and would sustain high wind loads. Such homes could be well
    insulated so they would be cheap to heat and cool. The shakers had it right
    over 150 years ago when they stated “form follows function’. There are answers
    sometimes right under our noses, we’ve only to look!


    1. Hi, just go to the next container terminal in your area. Inland or sea and as the terminal or depot manager, if they have containers for sale. That would be raw transport containers, which would then need to be fitted.

      Or google “container sales”



    2. […] Container Limitations December 6th, 2009 1:27 Goto cnomemts Leave a comment images via site-specific Earlier this year we showed a container home designed by Thai architect Chutayaves Sinthuphan of […]

  3. This post really helps me. I have been researching converting Shipping Containers into low income housing for the single elderly for 4 + years here in Texas and now have one 20′ onsite and a volunteer staff helping organize my research for grant submission. Your design is a perfect set up. Would you be willing to share your plans? jesse

  4. Beautiful design! I love the black-and-white colour scheme and the shading roof.

    Would be interesting to know the building costs…

  5. I am very interested in the R2x 20′ shipping container house design for use as a weekend cabin in rural north central Texas. I currently have an old 28′ travel trailer on the property. I have electricity, propane, and water available and wish to construct a 1 BR 1 BA cabin from containers that would be more permanent, better insulated, have better windows and doors, more efficient heat and AC, better comfort in weather extremes; be rodent, insect and weatherproof and have slightly more space– 320 sf/ 224 sf. The climate at the site is severe. During August I have observed the temperture to be 114 degrees F. Recently we recorded 5 degrees on a cold January morning. I am a residential building contractor and I’m familiar with carpentry & SIPPS, wiring, plumbing, HVAC, foundation and roof systems, insulation, interior finish out. I am interested in trying a “green” container conversion project and think that your design is functional for the severe Texas climate, yet stylish.

  6. Beautiful home ! we´re planning on building something like that for weekend use in our local flying club (hang gliding), maybe a 40´+ a 20´container in a setup like your design. I particularly like the roof and porch. Could you please send me some more detailed pictures ? thanks a lot !

  7. I am very interested in the design of your shipping container house in that photo . It is a beautiful house. I would like to make a variation of it in the West Texas countryside. I would like to get pictures of your final decorating scheme of the house. I would also like to get dimensions of the house. I have not decided on how my house would be done or even what size container(s) I will use. I would really appreciate any information that you could provide to me.

  8. It’s very cool design. I also would like to build a 2-story container house in Thailand, but I aware of the indoor temperature problem. Could you please give me your contact? I would like to discuss with you about your container before I go aboard.

  9. aMan do I like the design of this house. I have just finished building a house in Kantharalac district in Thailand and am very interested in seeing this house. Any chance of getting an emailaddress or telephone number to contact the owner/ builder? My email address is dmault@tpg.com.au. Yes I live in Australia at the moment but will return to lve in Thailand next year. David Mault

  10. Hi, i´m doing an essay on container architecture in Colombia and was looking on how to adapt container to hot weather. I think is really interesting the idea of the aditional roof. But I had a question ¿which recycled insulation material did you use? It would really help to know this. Thank you!

    1. We use a combination of recycled foam and recycled cotton fiber in our insulation. They are hand treated by a local recycle station just outside of Bangkok.

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