Eco Living 101 – Model Home





To build an earth-friendly house is not as simple as placing some solar panels on your roof.  So when Site-Specific and Buatalah Studio were asked to design an exhibition under the theme 0f ‘Green Home Effects’ for Baan Lae Suan Fair in Bangkok, they started from inside-out by questioning the audiences about their current living situations.


What they came up with was the concept for exhibition that circled around the 4R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle and renewable.  The model home featured many examples of earth-friendly living including the use of grey water, growing your own food and being car smart.  It was constructed of 4 reused shipping container and prefabricated modules.  The home was designed for the family of three and it is roughly around 100 sq.m.







It also questioned the norm of house construction in Thailand, and wanted to demonstrate alternative construction methods.



Site-Specific is now developing a prefabricated construction system.


Thank you Amarin Printing & Publishing and Kanteera Sanguantung for the photographs.


15 thoughts on “Eco Living 101 – Model Home

  1. This looks really nice – it appears open & spacious for a container house and there are some design features I have not seen before (I love the kitchen). Well done! Do you have a plan of this? It’s difficult to visualise how the whole house fits together.

    Thank you

  2. We are interested in a prefab container houses, 2- 3 bedrooms. Wonder what such a container house would cost delivered and assembled on Oahu HI?
    Would we have to hire a contractor in HI or would your crew assemble the house? We have several friends in HI who are also interested in low cost prefabs so this could be a market for somebody who could make this happen.


    Robert Potter

    1. Hello,

      I like the floor plan and eco friendliness of this Eco Living 101 home from Thailand. Have you heard from the designer on if a floor plan is available? Or have you found contact information for them?


  3. Hi Ladies/Sirs,
    finding Your website we are impressed and want to see more.
    We’re going to built up inexpensive and healthy low-energy-houses, studentsites.
    Your ideas seem to be feasible in lower tempered areas like Central Europe.
    Best regards
    Metzen Willi

  4. I have been doing some research on “Green Housing”. I’m in AZ and was wondering where I need to start my “Green Home”. This will be my first house and I just need some guidence as how to get the people together to make this happen. I love the idea of having a “container” home and being my first home, (w/this economy) this would seem to be the best way to get the most “house” for my money. Anyway…if anyone has web sites for anyone who offeres to build these houses near AZ, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

    1. Hi Raquel:

      There are many sources. Books are always good places to start. I will be happy to answer your questions you may have.

      We provide green housing for many people in South East Asia and Europe. I have many requests from the US, none of them has been realized.

  5. You don’t happen to have any information on whether these guys went into production with a similar concept do you?

    I’m planning on building using prefab eco modules and this is a fantastic property. Been looking at Huf Haus but I’d like more options!

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